Spring 2019

At Flicker Street Studio, we have small classes which ensures individual instruction.  Instructors put a lot of care and work into offering the best classes possible.  Please look over our class POLICIES before you sign up. We are looking forward to teaching you this season!

Beginner - Covers the very basic techniques of the medium at a slower pace and offers a lot of individual help for all students. No prior experience in the medium is required.

Beginner-Intermediate - Reviews basic techniques for beginners as needed, and offers practice exercises to assist in gaining confidence and experience with the medium. 

Intermediate-Advanced  - The student has a basic knowledge of the medium.  The class offers more challenging exercises and encourages individual expression. 

There are two easy ways to sign up for a class:
1. Paypal – Purchase class from the drop down menu and click "Register."
2. Call (901) 767-2999 or email flickerstreet@gmail.com

If you have any problems with PayPal, please email us your phone number and we can sign you up over the phone.  flickerstreet@gmail.com 


  • March/April Classes

  • Working in A Series: Understanding Color
    Instructor: Nancy Cheairs

    Class Full! Please send an email with your phone number
    to be placed on waiting list...flickerstreet@gmail.com

    Tuesday Afternoons
    1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
    March 19th - April 23rd | 6 Sessions
    $275 | Bring your own materials | Intermediate and up

    The class will focus on how to use color to create expressive and meaningful work. Discussions will include color’s place in composition, color intensity and value, harmony and discord; as well as complementary, analogous, secondary, high key and low key color schemes. Students will choose their own subject matter and work in the medium of their choice.

  • Art After School: Portraits
    Instructor: Emma Kate Rose

    Class Almost Full! Please send an email with your phone number...flickerstreet@gmail.com

    Tuesday Afternoons
    4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
    March 19th - April 23rd | 6 Sessions
    $150 | All materials included | Ages 8 +

    This class will explore portraiture as it has changed and developed over the course of art history. Students will be presented with a new artist or art movement every week. We will discuss and analyze art making processes and how they affect the mood, medium, composition and dynamics of portraiture. Students will work from live models, mirrors and photographs. This class will explore a variety of painting, drawing, and collage mediums.

  • Creative Pages: Mixed Media
    Instructor: Meredith Olinger

    Wednesday Mornings
    9:00 am - 12:00 pm
    March 20th - April 24th | 6 Sessions
    $225 + $50 Materials fee | Beginner and up | Ages 15 +

    In this class, we will use the bound book as a template for exploring a variety of media. Techniques covered will include watercolor, printmaking, cut paper, collage, printing, stitching and others. The emphasis will be on quantity and speed, as we work over a 6 week period using contemporary artist books as a guide. Join us for this exciting class and create your own unique and cohesive book!

  • Oil Painting
    Instructor: Sunny Montgomery

    Thursday Afternoon
    1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
    March 21st - April 25th | 6 Sessions
    $225 + $50 Materials fee | Beginner and up | Ages 15 +

    This class will examine the process of creating a painting. We will discuss how to choose what to paint and how to start a painting, source material, initial sketches, materials, composition and color mixing. New students will learn the basics of oil painting as more experienced painters continue to develop and refine their skills. Students will work with subject matter of their choice as we create paintings step by step. Conquer the whiteness of the canvas!

  • Getting Comfortable with Your Sketchbook
    Instructor: Elizabeth Alley

    Class Almost Full! Please send an email with your phone number...flickerstreet@gmail.com

    Thursday Evenings
    6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
    March 21st - April 4th | 3 Sessions
    $150 + $25 Materials fee | Beginner and up | Ages 15 +

    Learn to make a practice of using your sketchbook to tell the story of your everyday life. Your sketchbook is a place for sketches, ideas, impressions, and a place to work out problems, artistic or otherwise. We will explore materials and sketching techniques to help you get to know your sketchbook better.

  • Imaginative Painting in Acrylic
    Instructor: Melissa Dunn

    Monday Mornings
    9:00 am - 12:00 pm
    March 18th - April 22nd | 6 Sessions
    $225 + $50 Materials fee | Beginner and up | Ages 15 +

    Are you intimidated by a blank canvas? The bridge between interesting subject matter and good painting technique lies within the inner world of the imagination. Just as there are many ways of applying paint, from glazing to scumbling, there are a variety of methods that help open the creative world within. Learn acrylic painting techniques while experimenting with ways to take a train of thought and turn it into a personal form of self-expression. All levels of experience are welcome.