At Flicker Street Studio, we have small classes which ensures individual instruction.  Instructors put a lot of care and work into offering the best classes possible.  Please look over our class POLICIES before you sign up. We are looking forward to teaching you this season!

Beginner - Covers the very basic techniques of the medium at a slower pace and offers a lot of individual help for all students. No prior experience in the medium is required.

Beginner-Intermediate - Reviews basic techniques for beginners as needed, and offers practice exercises to assist in gaining confidence and experience with the medium. 

Intermediate-Advanced  - The student has a basic knowledge of the medium.  The class offers more challenging exercises and encourages individual expression. 

There are two easy ways to sign up for a class:
1. Paypal – Purchase class from the drop down menu and click "Register."
2. Call (901) 767-2999 or email

If you have any problems with PayPal, please email us your phone number and we can sign you up over the phone.

  • March/April Classes

  • Collaging Stories with Susan Maakestad

    Monday Mornings
    9:00 am - 12:00 pm
    March 19th - April 2nd | 3 Sessions
    $150 + $25 Materials fee | Beginner and up | Ages 15 +

    Collage allows us to invent new worlds or to see this world in unusual ways. Students will use photo collage to tell a story or to create settings in which stories can unfold. Open to all levels.

  • Working in a Series with Nancy Cheairs

    Class Full! Please send an email with your phone number to be placed on waiting

    Tuesday Afternoons
    12:00 - 4:00 pm
    March 20th - April 24th | 6 Sessions
    $275 - Bring your own materials | Some experience required | Ages 15 +

    The emphasis of this class is individual artistic development and personal vision. Each student will develop their own thematically guided series that will deepen their artistic practice through two fundamentals: technique and visual thinking. Visual thinking teaches how to communicate a feeling, idea or a vision and how to reach into one’s own life for content and inspiration. Technique includes learning about composition, color, light, texture and space while gaining confidence with paint. Explore new possibilities within your work by expanding your visual vocabulary and confidence with paint. Students may work in the painting medium of their choice.

  • Layering Acrylics with Melissa Dunn

    Wednesday Mornings
    9:00 am- 12:00 pm
    March 21st - April 25th | 6 Sessions
    $225 + $50 Materials fee | Beginner and up | Ages 15 +

    Learn to combine and layer acrylic paint with different drawing mediums like graphite and charcoal, as well as collage materials, stamps, stencils, and transfers. See how color creates mood and imagery tells a story. Discover why starting with a strong composition lays the groundwork for ideas to land. See where play and experimentation can lead when you have a table full of art supplies. This course is a perfect introduction to acrylic paint and art making, and for the more experienced artist looking to work with a variety of applications.

  • Oil Painting: Color and Composition with Sunny Montgomery

    Thursday Afternoons
    1:00 - 4:00 pm
    March 22nd - April 26th | 6 Sessions
    $225 + $50 Materials fee | Beginner and up | Ages 15 +

    Students will explore the various ways that color functions in painting and examine works of art in which color plays a starring role. Topics include color’s place in composition, color intensity and value, color temperature, harmony and discord; as well as complementary, analogous, secondary, high key and low key color schemes. Students will choose their own subject matter or work from a still life. New students will learn the basics of oil painting as more experienced painters continue to develop and refine their skills. For students who have taken a previous color and composition class, we will have new exercises.

    Thursdays, March 22nd- April 26th, 1 - 4pm
  • Mixed Water Media with Elizabeth Alley

    Thursday Evenings
    6:00 - 9:00 pm
    March 22nd - April 5th | 3 Sessions
    $150 + $25 Materials fee | Beginner and up | Ages 15 +

    Work with a variety of water-based media and techniques to create a finished painting.

  • Refining and Expanding Your Practice
    Instructor: Hamlett Dobbins

    Tuesday Evenings
    6:00 - 9:00 pm
    May 1st - 29th | 5 Sessions
    $200 | No materials fee | Some experience required | Ages 15 +

    Focus on developing and improving your individual studio practice through a series of lectures and discussions exploring the working methods of a variety of local, regional, and internationally known artists. Each week Hamlett Dobbins and fellow students will provide feedback on work done outside of class. Learn how to articulate intention and listen to feedback. Find words for the wordless.

    Tuesdays. 6-9pm. May 1st - 29th
  • May Workshops
    Dive Deeply into the Still Life

    Get inspired with a week of workshops that will fire up your creativity! Each session will offer unique and creative perspectives on composition, the effects of light, the relationships of color, and the fundamental character of line, form and mass.

    Take more than one workshop to develop new insights by exploring the still life through different materials and concepts. Expand your point of view and grow as an artist!

    Sign up by April 9th to receive 10% off each workshop!
  • Watercolor: Light and Shadow
    Instructor: Nancy Cheairs

    9:00am - 2:00 pm
    May 5th
    $125 - materials included | Beginner and up | Ages 15 +

    Capture not only what you see, but also how you react, as you interpret the still life in watercolor. In this fun workshop the student will learn how to simplify and abstract subject matter, recording the essence of the objects by using a broad spectrum of techniques and warm and cool color combinations. We will explore drawing, composition, value and color relationships. Each student will work on paintings of varied sizes that explore different techniques such as wet-on-wet, dry brush, and glazing. Beginner and Up.

    Saturday. 9am-2pm. May 5th
  • Painterly Sketching: Starting with Shapes
    Instructor: Elizabeth Alley

    Thursday Evenings
    6:00 - 9:00 pm
    May 3rd and 10th | 2 Sessions
    $125 | Materials Included | Beginner and up | Ages 15 +

    This workshop will help you create a starting point for your sketches by translating shapes into washes of color before adding lines. We'll explore mark-making, layering, and composition using watercolor, pens, and colored pencils.

    Thursdays. 6-9pm. May 3rd & 10th
  • Gray Matter: Exploring Value with Collage
    Instructor: Susan Maakestad

    9:00am - 2:00 pm
    May 7th
    $125 - materials included | Beginner and up | Ages 15 +

    In this workshop students will translate a colorful still life into black, white and a variety of grays. By tearing and cutting papers they will create the illusion of light, dark and volume with flat papers. Students will develop sensitivity to subtle nuances of shape that give objects their individual characteristics. Compositional skills will also be honed. Suitable for all levels.

    Monday. 9am-2pm. May 7th
  • Drawing in Color
    Instructor: Emma Kate Rose

    9:00am - 2:00 pm
    May 8th
    $125 - materials included | Beginner and up | Ages 15 +

    Learn the basics of drawing: line, shape, texture, value, and composition. We will use a variety of colored media, including markers, pencils, and pastels, to complete drawing exercises. Artist Mary Fedden will be our inspiration as we strengthen essential drawing skills and see our subject matter in a fresh way. Open to artists of all levels.

    Tuesday. 9am-2pm. May 8th
  • Alla Prima Painting in Acrylic
    Instructor: Melissa Dunn

    9:00am - 2:00 pm
    May 9th
    $125 - materials included | Beginner and up | Ages 15 +

    Alla Prima means a painting done in one sitting. In this class the student will learn how to make a dynamic still life composition and paint an alla prima painting in one day! A variety of exercises will start the day to help the student loosen up; then we will build a palette and create a complete painting on canvas. This class will be a wonderful introduction to acrylic paint or a perfect day for the more experienced painter to practice.

    Wednesday. 9am-2pm. May 9th
  • Gestural Oil Painting
    Instructor: Sunny Montgomery

    9:00am - 2:00 pm
    May 11th
    $125 - materials included | Beginner and up | Ages 15 +

    This workshop is an introduction to oil painting for those new to the medium as well as essential painting time for more experienced students. We will explore color mixing, value and composition as we loosen up our brushwork and practice working wet in wet. Brushes, mediums, and materials will be discussed as we examine this classic subject.

    Friday. 9am-2pm. May 11th